Our Mission

Adarsh Jan Kalyan Sewa Samiti , Referred as AJKSS, We are on the mission to create a healthy, green and clean planet through tree plantation named as “ MHARI HARIYALI DHARTI”. Along with our contribution to the society by up brining of Disabled Persons, we have taken the responsibility to diligent greening efforts, we strive to uplift and assist the rural communities, while promoting extensive agriculture across the nation and making it a happy-green paradise.

Our Vision

We work with a vision of developing lush-green world for the future generations by igniting a huge environmental revolution through trees. With our each healthy sapling, we intend to create a repository for a rich ecological Country

About Us

We are nonprofit team and work worldwide

Adarsh Jan Kalyan Sewa Samiti referred as AJKSS is a non-profit voluntary organisation registered in Jan ‘1989, created solely with the purpose of helping the cause of Mentally challenged, Multiply Disabled and Autistic, Blind, Cerebral Palsy, Deaf & Dumb. AJKSS is recognized by Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Govt. of India, Department of Social Welfare; Govt. of NCT Rajasthan. and is registered with the National Trust. AJKSS offers an Individual Educational Program for every student, aimed at social and economic independence, which incorporates special education, regular academic program through the NIOS, therapeutic interventions and vocational training. Each Centre of AJKSS offers -speech, occupational and physiotherapy, life skills training, computer education, music and dance, weight management and physical fitness, sports and extracurricular activities, counseling, behavior modification, diagnostics and assessment facilities, family counseling.

Unique Facility :

AJKSS is a bridge for integrating high functioning special needs students in mainstream schools. Remedial classes for slow learners and dyslexics attending regular schools and school dropouts are conducted in the afternoon. AJKSS literally means a longing, an aspiration. The organisation could not have been more aptly named, for at its heart lies an earnest longing, a lifelong aspiration to see such children on their feet as happy, useful, integrated members of the society. AJKSS was born out of the living faith and optimism of Sh. Arvind Gautam, guardian of AJKSS Post. Banetha. Tehsil . Uniyara Distt. Tonk., Mr. Arvind Gautam has done B.Ed with Mental retardation. Since birth he is a men born with motivation to up bring the disabled persons and help them to get the recognition without a sympathy aspect. Disabled kids saddled with problems. But slowly, bit by bit, with the help and guidance of their Guardian, they started to cross the innumerable hurdles that hindered her progress. At times. progress was nothing short of miraculous. This inspired their guardian to extend the same kind of help and guidance to other handicapped children. And thus, the AJKSS -the charitable society- wasborn. The journey for AJKSS the organization and AJKSS itself has been arduous. Nonetheless both are success stories today. AJKSS Banetha, has fought all odds .AJKSS is running a Educational Institute named as “ NAYI UMANG VISHESH VIDHYALAYA- Distt Bundi ( Rajasthan ). AJKSS the organisation which started with 5 students, today has 65 ( in words Sixty Five ) ages of 5 years - 25 years enrolled in its Bundi Educationl Institute.

The organisation has now acquired the reputation and goodwill of being a dedicated NGO providing selfless service to the society in its own way. AJKSS has now developed matchless expertise in handling special kids and developing them into normal, independent, confident citizens, capable of serving the society and the nation in almost the same way other citizens do. AJKSS’s contribution in the field of disability was recognized by the Government of Rajasthan But the journey was not so easy:

Soon AJKSS realised that most of the existing schools did not have teachers for Special Education and were not, therefore, competent to handle these children, particularly when the number of students in a class rose too high. It was at this stage that AJKSS decided to set up its own project and the founder member of the NGO has done special education of B ED in mentally retardation. He himself take care of the Institue. AJKSS has survived extreme hardships, including living through times without the basic amenities of adequate shelter, electricity and water, and today can boast of one completely independent and committed school, in their very own rented buildings in Bundi, Rajasthan. AJKSS has a commitment to the society: The underlying mission of AJKSS is to provide a quantum leap for the welfare and rehabilitation of children whose only fault is to have been born without normal facilities.

What sets AJKSS apart from other special schools in the country?

It is the sense of purpose and commitment to the cause displayed by the AJKSS team. Very few special schools can provide the level of individualized attention meted out to AJKSS students. With a minimum of one teacher to eight children, the school's individualized curriculum has a real opportunity to succeed.

AJKSS has aggressively pursued its admittedly ambitious plans. That is why it has many firsts to its credit, such as the concept of residential program, computer aided learning, sheltered workshops and a special school for autistic children. Credit for AJKSS's achievements goes not only to its team but the students, the supporters of our cause, the authorities and to our esteemed patrons

Our major causes

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Medical Camps and Blood Donations

Adarsh Jan Kalyam Sewa Samiti referred as AJKSS. Apart from Upbringing of Disabled peoples, Mhari Hariyali Dharti, Pashu Sewa, Feed the Hunger, Clothes Donation, we are into providing Medical Facilities , by Organizing Blood donation camps and organizing free medical check up to the needy one.

Blood donation occurs when a person voluntarily has blood drawn and used for transfusions and /or made into biopharmaceutical medications by a process called fractionation. Donation may be of whole blood, or of specific components directly.

In Medical Camps , we do provide the free check ups for Eyes, Blood Pressure, Diabetes, we do provide fee medicines to the needy ones on regular basis

Feeding Hungry Peoples

Adarsh Jan Kalyan Sewa Samiti, referred as AJKSS, apart from Upbringing of Disabled peoples, Mhari Hariyali Dharti, Pashu Sewa , we are committed to feed the hungry peoples.

Lots of peoples, institutions has joined our hands to feed more poor people during this Crisis. No One Left Hungry.

 We are collecting unspoiled, healthy food and donating it to our neighbors in need. By donating food, we're feeding people, not landfills,

Clothes Donation

Adarsh Jan Kalyan Sewa Samiti, referred as AJKSS . apart from Upbringing of Disabled peoples, Mhari Hariyali Dharti, Pashu Sewa, Feeding the Hunger people, we are into the distribution of clothes to the needy people.

We Collect your unused clothes from your doorstep, get them clean and Dry-cleaned , and give them a new life by donating them to those who in need and bring smiles on their faces!!

Featured causes

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Pashu Sewa

Adarsh Jan Kalyan Sewa Samiti, referred as a AJKSS, Apart from Up bringing of Disabled Peoples, “ Mhari Hariyali dharti “ AJKSS is committed to Animal welfare too under project Pashu Sewa. AJKSS take care of the animals without any consideration, they do not take care of animals for Milk, Eggs , Meat and medicine supplements, they do take care of them as living beings. As they do have the right to be treated with respect.

Raised: ₹ 1,15,000

Goal: ₹ 2,50,000

50 Donors

Meet our volunteer

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